Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sketchbook: Fishing for waves

I recommend clicking on it to see it slightly bigger - my blog layout doesn't handle panoramic style images like this too well ;)

I love the visual texture of grocery paper bags. I don't know why. Does this make me a total weirdo or what?

4 bits of commenty goodness:

French Revelation said... 12/20/09, 7:56 PM

This is so cute. I am a huge cat fan.

BeadedTail said... 12/20/09, 8:26 PM

Cute! I like the texture of the bag too so guess I'm weird also!

Crocheted Little Things said... 12/20/09, 11:46 PM

than we are weird in 2 since I love the texture of brown paper bag as well! really cute!

Higgins Design Studio said... 12/23/09, 9:22 PM

grocery bags are awesome to draw on! Your kitty looks very Asian, and the waves are reminiscent of Japanese & Chinese art... LOVE the colors (& the texture too!)