Monday, May 17, 2010

Where in FLA?

A few of you asked, so I figured I should post a quick answer: we're moving to the Daytona Beach area (which neighborhood--Ormond, Port Orange, or New Smyrna Beach--we haven't yet decided).

Thanks for all the kind wishes on our big move!

2 bits of commenty goodness:

oldblackcatboo said... 5/17/10, 11:12 PM

Daytona Beach! Ah! the memories....

Mishkat said... 5/25/10, 5:19 PM

We are so late commenting on this, but CONGRATULATIONS on getting a job!! (We have several new Ph.D. friends so know the job market is tough right now!)

P.S. Everyone says Florida is too hot, but in my opinion, it doesn't get any hotter than D.C. (and probably Kentucky!) in the summertime. I lived in Missouri for a few years and it was even hotter there. Plus you can go to the beach in Florida :).