Saturday, October 10, 2009

PurrPrints Giveaway: $15 gift certificate

A while back, I sent an email to the author of the blog telling her that if she ever wanted to host a giveaway for my etsy shop I'd be happy to do it. I hadn't heard back from her, so I figured it was a no. Then suddenly my views to my etsy shop spiked, and I couldn't figure out why...until I opened my email and saw that the giveaway post went up yesterday. Woot!

Anyway, wanted to give all of you the chance to enter--she's drawing the name on Oct. the 14th. And you might just enjoy her blog in general too; even the ads have pretty cats in

(p.s. the print shown here is the purplicious version of my Genie Cat, for those of you who haven't seen it before)

2 bits of commenty goodness:

BeadedTail said... 10/10/09, 9:56 PM

I'll be sure to check it out! The Genie Cat is beautiful!

Mishkat said... 10/13/09, 5:51 PM

Yikes - I almost missed this! Thanks for letting us know.