Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More reasons to love cats...

On the radio today (my favorite local independent radio station, incidentally, - they stream online and have great music for anyone looking) I heard the DJ talking with someone from the local animal shelter about all the ways cats can help improve your health. I'd already heard about how they reduce your risk of heart attacks and stress in general, but I hadn't heard that the vibrational frequency of a cat's purr can apparently help heal and strengthen bones--both theirs and yours. How cool is that?

Of course, when I first heard it on the radio I thought they were saying that a cat's fur can help strengthen your bones, and I thought hurray, now I can finally justify the fur tumbleweeds that seem to collect in the corners on an hourly basis. I was all prepped to rub that one in my neat-freak sister's face. Alas, my fantasies were dashed when I realized they said purr, not fur, but I'm still pretty jazzed about it.

Anyone else know other wonderful science-y things about why cats rock so much?

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BeadedTail said... 6/17/09, 7:34 PM

That's very interesting and not even sure how it can be but cats are amazing so I believe it! For me a cat's purr helps headaches go away because it's so peaceful. Angel has a very loud purr so she's all the medicine I need!

Laura said... 6/17/09, 10:09 PM

Cats do rock! It's too bad people that think they don't like cats can't live with them for awhile to realize you can't live without them!

Mishkat said... 6/17/09, 10:38 PM

That is fascinating! I liked all the articles - thank you for linking to them.

Auroras_Garden said... 6/18/09, 1:14 AM

Cats help your health by making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When you feel loved you heal better. And I personally think even LOOKING at cute kitties makes you heal better too. Cause they are THAT awesome! Ok I am a kitty freak, Maylee started this with her love of kitties, its her fault! She still loves your kitties best.

Ailurophile said... 6/19/09, 8:58 PM

I had heard that their purring is soothing but never realized that it could be good for the bones! Thanks for this. Yet another reason to be an Ailurophile :)

Vanessa said... 7/1/09, 9:20 PM

Very cool! I love my 2 furbabies!