Sunday, April 5, 2009

If I had any pregnant friends...

...I'd probably buy them this pretty stroller blanket that's on sale at TwoZanyZebras (this month's featured EtsyBlogger). 

She also has an amusing sense of humor on her blog--I think this entry is my fave.

6 bits of commenty goodness:

Mishkat said... 4/5/09, 9:20 PM

That's a beautiful blanket - it would be a great kitty blanket too (that plush dot fabric on the back is the best - so soft!)

And that blog post was too funny - most of the parents I know say the same thing.

P.S. Franklin says "thanks" for your compliment! He is one of the most adorable cats that I've ever lived with - he's a real character.

Laura said... 4/5/09, 11:41 PM

I tried to contact you on your "contact" button, but it always tells me the verification code I type is wrong.

I asked my hubby about the student you want to hire for the etsygiveaway blog. He wants to know what programming skill set you are looking for.

You can email me at

redhotflash (at)

storybeader said... 4/6/09, 8:31 AM

that's a beautiful blanket - gosh, I wouldn't use it on a stroller! But then, I don't have a stroller...

Ailurophile said... 4/6/09, 8:45 AM

What a pretty blanket. I agree it would make a great gift! Loved the post on that blog too. Hope you had a good weekend. All the best with your dissertation and study :)

Mama Z said... 4/6/09, 12:14 PM

Thanks for the great feature on my shop! And believe me the blog post you enjoyed is all true! I've become "That person"! I'm going to get a full does of being "That person" soon because I'm flying across the country with a 1 and 3-year-old by myself!

I love your blog! It's really cute!

Have a fun and zany day!

Angus Mhor said... 4/8/09, 11:31 AM

Very beautiful! I popped over to your Floppy Cat and Kitty Love CafePress stores-ah! Such temptation! But I can't get another Floppy Cat until I've made the two wee ones I have into earrings first. Phooey!

Angus' Mom