Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is springing...cuz i said so

It's in the 60s here today, and even though it's cloudy, and super-windy, and doesn't look spring like at all I've decided that this time it's officially the start of Spring.

Not that this is the first time it's gotten this warm here this year. Louisville is notorious for being Summer-like on Thanksgiving and getting freak cold flashes on Derby (first weekend of March, for the uninitiated). So we've already had several upper-60s warm fronts come through that turned to snow three days later. I didn't pull out my spring dresses for those.

But today, for some reason, I decided I'm done with winter, even if it's by sheer act of will. I pulled out my fave spring-y dress, the one with no sleeves that goes just past the knees, and went sock-less and sleeve-less for the first time this year. Sure, it was a bit chilly walking from the car, but...

So who's with me on willing an end to winter? I know all you folks way north of here probably can't even consider it, but for now at least I've decided Spring is a state of mind.

Of course, if we get another freak ice storm I may be recanting my declarations ;)

On another springy note, I should be able to get pics soon of my new screenprinted tees--Robin did an awesome job with them!

9 bits of commenty goodness:

Laura said... 3/5/09, 6:45 PM

Yep, let's call winter officially over in Louisville!

Boutique By Bonnie said... 3/5/09, 8:11 PM

We're having the same weather in Colorado, especially the wind! But I hear it's gonna get cold tomorrow. Spring is for sure coming, though!

storybeader said... 3/6/09, 8:19 AM

I'm done with spring too. btw, yesterday it was almost 90 degrees in sw oklahoma. Crazy!!

maryeb said... 3/6/09, 10:02 AM

Works for me!
Spring is just a state of mind!
Thanks for the idea :)

Mishkat said... 3/7/09, 12:29 PM

It's going to be in the seventies here today and tomorrow - hooray! I am so hoping for no more excessively cold weather this year - and that includes snow and ice.

ChezChani said... 3/8/09, 4:50 PM

I also love the spring however I am not in a rush to show my feet. My winter feet last longer than winter. And that sounds like a summer dress to me. I've just gotten to be one of those cold people. Too many years in hot climates.

Panoptica said... 3/11/09, 9:19 PM

Spring as a state of mind... that's a good attitude...

I'm with you... I'll start wearing springy clothes now! Although the weather HAS been a little crazy over here too...

Lux said... 3/15/09, 12:13 AM

I'm with you - whee! It's spring! :)

ButterCup said... 3/20/09, 2:24 AM

I just came across your blog and I think you have a very nice blog! I love cats. Happy Spring.